What is Q code in CNC?

There is no standard CNC (Computer Numerical Control) code known as the Q code. However, some CNC machines or software may use custom Q codes to perform specific functions or operations.

In general, CNC codes are categorized into three types: G codes, M codes, and F, S, and T codes. G codes are used for programming the movements and positioning of the machine, M codes are used for controlling machine functions such as turning coolant on and off, and F, S, and T codes are used for controlling feed rates, spindle speeds, and tool changes.

It is possible that a specific CNC machine or software uses a custom Q code for a specific function or operation, but this would be specific to that machine or software and not a standardized CNC code. It is always best to refer to the machine’s or software’s manual or documentation to understand any custom codes or features that it may have.

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